Let’s think through newsletter evolution.

I don’t care if they do or don’t teach it in schools in your state.

I’m here to say, “Newsletter evolution is real.”

And that we all need to be active participants in this phenomenon.

What do I mean?

Don’t be afraid to retire a segment, category, or whatever you call a content section of your newsletter.

It’s ok to change anything and everything.

The format.

The layout.

The way you deliver sections of content.

Magazines do this all the time.

Segments play out.

And that’s ok.

When you launch a new section, it may fail fast, or it may have several years in it.

Either is ok.

Your purpose is to keep your reader engaged.

That could mean changing things up.

I promise that very few people will respond in vehement anger, complaining you stopped publishing their favorite bit.

...But if they do, there is no rule that you can’t bring it back.

A newsletter is a wonderful way to test content to see which stories and formats your audience likes and which ones get a little action but then go stale.

Let your newsletter evolve.

Add, subtract, rearrange, and redecorate.

It’s all ok.

Today’s Prologue was inspired by the amazing content strategy mastermind I ran with Russ Henneberry, Founder of theCLIKK, last Friday. We had a blast helping people come up with ideas and this topic of evolution was a fun one to address. Now I’m thinking… “What will I change next?”

I hope you enjoy this issue.

Ashley Guttuso  

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Ashley Guttuso