On Saturday, my brother and I took our children fishing.

Four cousins enjoyed a Mississippi summer afternoon casting off the edge of the lake and reeling in small bream.

There was a hectic time period when my brother and I were constantly baiting hooks with worms and releasing fish back into the water.

But that moment had to be earned.

At first, everyone had to be set up.

Imagine the anxiety of 4 children walking around with hooks and not really listening to us coaching them to stand far apart.

Then, everyone had to be patient.

One gave up for a bit.

It was hot and the fish weren’t biting.

“I want to go home!”

Then, we had to tweak some settings.

My oldest had a lure she’d bought a year ago, but the fish seemed to prefer live worms, so we changed that.

Then, when we found a few hot spots and the bream started biting, the giver-upper decided to be a joiner-inner. So we set her back up again.

She ended up catching more than anyone.

There was a bit of jealousy.

Why, after sitting things out, had she been able to outfish them all?

It was the size of her hook.

It was smaller.

Turns out that was the optimal setting.

There was a time period when every single time she cast her rod she caught a fish.

What can we learn from this and apply to our email newsletters?

You don’t catch fish (readers) sitting on the sidelines.

You’re going to have to test and tweak your approach.

Sometimes a smaller hook (think niche) can be the reason you capture attention.

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There are also some inspirational stories, expert advice, and a few new approaches you might want to consider.

Let’s get started.

Ashley Guttuso  

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