Is less more?

Recently, Josh Spector posted on social media (I think it was in his Newsletter Creators Facebook Group but I can’t seem to track it down) that he thinks we might all be making our newsletters too complicated.

His theory, which you can learn more about by watching our interview, stems from launching a short, daily version of his newsletter For the Interested and getting more engagement with the to-the-point, single-idea content he sends in it than his weekend digest version.

So he tested that theory in his longer newsletter and shortened that commentary, too, and my suspicion is he’s onto something.

Before you cringe, I want you to think about why considering “going short” may cause a bit of anxiety (mainly because I’m in the middle of this roller coaster of emotions myself and want to be transparent): IT’S BECAUSE WE ARE VERY EMOTIONALLY TIED TO ANYTHING WE CREATE.

No amount of “it’s just business” makes it feel better when an editor tells you to turn 5 paragraphs into one.

The phrase “It’s good, but I just don’t have time to read it,” burns.

So we tell ourselves we’re really writing for the people who read every word.

And then we make it easy to skim because we know some people might be skimming.

But, think about your own email reading habits.

How often do you slow down and read every word?

I have a few writers I bestow that honor to.

The rest I definitely skim.

So, this week, horror of horrors, I’ve decided to run my own test and minimize my commentary (but to keep my Prologue longish, because I’m still precious about it, ok?).

And I’d really love to know what you think.

If you make it to the end (please make it to the end), click yes or no to let me know if I should continue with this format or return to longer commentary.

Now, let’s dive into (or skim the surface of, actually) some relevant newsletter news and advice.

Ashley Guttuso  

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Newsletter Tips

2 Inspirational Tweets

Is it possible to stand out in a noisy world? Wes Kao thinks so and explains how in this Twitter thread.

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Money Matters

Curated News Curated News

Reordering Newsletter Content Within Categories

If you’ve been subscribed for a while now, you might have read about my curation workflow and how I compare the quality of my best collected links and sort them to determine what stays and what gets cut.

I bring the articles, videos, podcasts, LinkedIn posts, etc. into my draft issue then start working my way through each category, reordering them from strongest to “least strong.” This week, Money Matters had some great contenders and, because I decided to do less commentary, I kept 4 links.

Seth created a GIF to show how easy that reordering process is.

Note: You can also quickly recategorize a collected item by dragging it into another category.


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