It’s an intimidating number, right?


But also the start of something.

Your first 100 X.



How about issues?

That’s what today marks for Opt In Weekly.

It’s… meaningful.

It’s a commitment.

It’s so much newslettering about newslettering (and more recently, content marketing).

To the publishers out there well past 100: I commend you.

You’ve done something few achieve: persevered.

And to the people who are just starting: I can’t wait to celebrate your 100th issue.

Consistently writing and publishing is a daunting endeavor. The very act of pushing yourself (or your team) to launch and stick with a publishing schedule is tough, but when there are people on the other side of that blank screen you write to—individuals with names and real reasons they read what you create each week, it tests your resolve to show up for them.

To deliver on your promise.

To earn their trust, word by word.


I sometimes ponder the double meaning of the title Opt In Weekly.

Yes, readers opt in (they actually double opt in—wah wah).

But we, the creators, have to opt in, too.


My encouragement to you in this strange moment, on the cusp of sending issue 100: opt in to delivering on your promise in your content.

Hold up your end of the bargain.

In 100 issues, you won’t be the same person.

Your thoughts will have evolved.

Your approach may shift.

You will discover, through the act of creating something worthy of sending, that you actually learn what you think as you force yourself to create content that serves others.

That you are more you than you were 100 issues ago.

I am.

And perhaps you are, too?

It feels like we’ve just begun this journey, right?

Let’s see where it goes.

P.S. I’m halfway through Ann Handley’s new edition of Everybody Writes and, obviously, rethinking my entire writing process, but in a good way. I’ll report more on its amazingness in an upcoming issue, but if you want to sort of book club / fan girl this read with me you’re more than welcome.

Ashley Guttuso | Audience Ops  

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Want To Become A Thought Leader?

Deciding to become a thought leader and becoming a thought leader are two different things. Thought leadership is quite buzzy in content marketing right now, and for good reason: demonstrating authority and fresh ideas in an industry can earn brands attention and revenue.

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  • The Notorious Thought Leader, a new podcast by Erin Balsa, sets out to find out what it really means to be a thought leader. Erin interviews marketing leaders and CEOs who are using thought leadership to generate demand. Each episode is less than an hour and loaded with... leading thoughts on thought leadership.
  • In her LinkedIn post, Camille Trent asks, “Should you start with SEO content or community content?” In this case community content refers to intentionally answering community questions, which can be really helpful if you’re not a thought leader but want to build up to being one. John Bonini encourages this approach in Camille’s latest episode of Content Logistics. TL;DR: He says it’s possible to do both, and shares about how his team is creating 5+ community-led SEO content pieces per week for Databox.
  • HubSpot’s Pamela Vaughan suggests 10 ways to become an industry thought leader. She includes tips like maintaining an active business blog, contributing guest posts, and publishing long-form content.


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