Ever get screen paralysis considering which CTA to use with your content?

We obsess over them, right?

Free trial?

Get a demo?

Learn more?

Read/watch this other thing we published?


I think obsessing over getting it perfect is a big waste of time, though.

Give them a way to grow in relationship with your brand, yes.

Maybe even multiple paths (read more, learn more, free trial).

But your true objective is that the content itself creates a feeling of trust that grows over time.

Here’s an example of the mental journey you want to foster (note: it probably won’t be as perfectly ordered as this):

“Wow. I’m so glad I discovered this. This is good. They know what they’re talking about. I’m going to try this thing they’ve taught me.”

“I think I’ll subscribe / bookmark / follow / whatever because that was so good I don’t want to miss what they publish next.”

“I have a new problem to solve. I think I’ll look for an answer from that brand that publishes on this topic, or maybe ask them what they suggest.”

“It’s been a while and I’m still getting so much good advice from that brand. It’s like they’re giving away secrets. I’m getting really reliant on them as a credible resource.”

“I feel like I might need that thing they sell. I trust them. I’ve learned about it in snippets, have a feel for what it could do for my business, and I’d like to learn more.”

Do you see the hidden CTA that’s working on the prospect in this thought progression?

It’s not 2 snappy words on a button.

It’s a growing feeling of “I want to work with the team that created this content. I trust they know what they’re doing.”

It’s not a 1-newsletter, 1-ebook, 1-blog post, 1-LinkedIn post, 1-YouTube video, or 1-TikTok strategy.

It’s a relationship that requires your brand to publish quality consistently.

The hidden CTA matters more than the “Book a demo” CTA you want to squeeze in.

The hidden CTA is “Trust me.”

And that trust forms and grows over multiple encounters.

Make each piece you publish worth someone coming back for more.

Ashley Guttuso | Audience Ops  

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