Think about your favorite writers and creators.

Chances are you love them on multiple levels:


That one





And more generally…

All the books

Most of the phrases

Every video

Uncountable scenes

Unless they achieved a complete one-hit wonder (and everything else they made really stinks), you probably think of their body of work.


All the moments of emotional response to their creations.

You are in relationship with them via the content they’ve created.

The collection of things to be consumed and enjoyed.

Example: My daughter has gobbled up almost every book written by David Walliams.

When you find a creator that clicks,

You seek them out,

Devour their work,

Stay loyal,

And recommend them to others.

Does your brand (personal or corporate) aim for this sort of love from your audience?

Do you seek to create a body of work they can be drawn into and binge?

Are you building a relationship with them that keeps them coming back and recommending you to others?

Today’s issue is heavy on the content marketing side, especially the challenge we all seem to face:

How do we create in ways that get results, breed die-hard fans, and scale?

And can we hire for or outsource parts of the creation process?

It starts with understanding who you are creating for.

And then strategizing your content to serve them in ways that feel like hand-delivered secret invitations to learn things they did not know.

Let me know what resonates.

Ashley Guttuso | Audience Ops  

Newsletter Tips

Growth Stories: James Clear And Nick Wignall

We love a good email list growth story. Here are 2 we came across last week:

1. James Clear

Learn how James Clear attracted over 1 million readers from this issue of Create and Sell. Tips include “write emails that legitimately help people” and “send them out regularly.”

2. Nick Wignall

Nick Wignall just passed 30,000 subscribers after 5 years on his “side-project.” His Twitter thread shares how he did it and what his goals are moving forward.


Content Marketing

SEO Insights Roundup

SEO can be a beast. These insights from pros knee-deep in the process might help:

Search Intent

Jonas Sickler argues that not only is intent crucial for SEO, but it is also tied to the user journey. In this Tweet (and linked article), he breaks down how user intent should drive your efforts.

A Proven Content Formula

Brian Bourque makes a bold claim in his LinkedIn post and attached 14-page slide deck: following his content formula can help you to “dominate SEO.” It involves avoiding amateur mistakes, establishing content hierarchy, capturing the full search journey, and more.

Effective But Ignored Strategies

Andrew Holland suggests 15 overlooked SEO strategies, starting with Goliath content and content promotion and ending with mapping and researching.





Money Matters

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