Let’s think about bingeable content.

What makes something so good you can’t resist coming back for more?

It’s the allure of the unfinished story, of course.

Strategic writers know the psychological power of holding something back.

They also know we’ll be more committed to returning if we’re emotionally invested in the outcome of the main character, the hero.

So they develop that character, help us really understand her challenges, inner conflicts, and what triggers her actions.

That way, when the current chapter, episode, or season abruptly closes with a new challenge looming in the future, we’ll decide to come along for the ride.

Shouldn’t your newsletter be that way?

Whether it’s a paid newsletter delivering business advice, a free subscription you use as a brand marketing tactic, or something in between, the goal should be to engage your reader in a way that keeps him coming back for more.

Your target audience members are the heroes in the overarching story your newsletter tells.

Write it in a way that develops them the same way a dramatic series writer does. Know what they want, what they’re conflicted about, and what will help.

Then provide some resolution.

Consistently give them information that furthers their journey, but do it in a way that keeps them asking, “What’s next?” and trusting you’ll provide the answer.

This approach is a synthesis of an article I’ve included below (Can Content Marketing Hook People the Way Netflix Does?) and Donald Miller’s StoryBrand methodology.

Let’s apply it to our newsletters and NEVER FINISH THE STORY.

Ashley Guttuso  

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