I’ve got a problem.

It’s the same one we all have.

I want your attention.

Not the kind you give something when you’re scrolling social media and you pause for a minute to respond and engage.

That kind is nice.

But I’ve got bigger plans for us.

I want the kind you give, say, a book you really like. Or a television show you’re hooked on.

I want the attention you reserve for when you know what I send is worth your time, maybe even your money.

I want to be the refreshing email inbox delivery you prioritize reading. Every week.

I know you’re tired of the constant flood of mediocre information out there.

So I’m committed to bringing you the best. That’s what a curated newsletter should do. On repeat.

I want to provide you with ideas you can use, strategies you can employ, and a challenge or two to make you better at sending newsletters worth reading—so that you can go earn and keep someone’s attention, too.

Let’s play hard to forget.

The entire process starts with setting goals.

What specific goals are you trying to achieve with your email newsletter?

In my very first issue of Opt In Weekly, I shared an amazing resource. Readership has almost tripled since then so I think it’s worth mentioning again for all the new subscribers.

Dan Oshinsky, former Director of Newsletters at Buzzfeed, has put together this amazing Newsletter Strategy Positioning Brief.

Make a copy of the Google Doc for yourself and use it to set goals, track key metrics, define your primary audience, and more.

Ashley Guttuso  

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Curated News Curated News

There’s Amazing Data Waiting for You

Brace yourself, Curated users.

This is exciting.

We’ve made those year-end annual metrics that show you trends over the past year available in real time.

What does that mean? Now you’ll have even better insights into what’s resonating with your audience.

The new report includes:

  • Average open and click rates over all issues published this year
  • Your 5 most popular issues
  • Your 5 most popular categories
  • Your publication’s top 5 link sources
  • Number of new subscribers this year
  • Total links collected
  • Top 10 overall links
  • Top link per category

You’ll find this under Statistics in Summary Report.

Be sure to let us know what you think.  

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Have a great week sending, y’all.

Thanks for reading,

Ashley Guttuso