Dr. Pepper is my favorite kind of Coke.

Where I grew up, a soft drink is a Coke.

For instance, if I was at the ballpark and a friend was going to make a run to the concession stand and asked me if I wanted a Coke, I’d say, “Yes. Please.”

Then she’d say, “What kind?” And I’d say, “Dr. Pepper.”

I could turn this into a lesson about the importance of building a brand that is synonymous with the product being sold: Velcro, Bandaid, etc.

But that’s nearly impossible, right?

It’s fantastic for you, your brand, your newsletter, or whatever you’re selling if you have that position in the market.

But don’t despair if you don’t. Just realize you have to create enough demand to be a portion of the market’s favorite offering.

People need to know you exist and what in your chemical makeup is different than other flavors playing in the same space.

For Dr. Pepper, it’s probably the ridiculous amount of sugar and caffeine that earned it my loyalty. A Mr. Pibb will do in a pinch.

It doesn’t matter that I call it a Coke. It matters that I chose it.

What are you doing to make sure your offering is different enough to make it someone’s favorite way of experiencing that type of product?

Ready for the kicker?

I’ve had maybe two or three Cokes (sodas, soft drinks, pop, whatever) in over 10 years.

Ashley Guttuso  

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