The first time I went scuba diving, aka the first time I submersed in less than four feet of water to discover what breathing compressed air felt like, I totally panicked.

I could see my husband’s magnified goggle-clad eyes processing my fear.

Everyone in our circle of five looked totally chill, calmly breathing underwater.

But I was terrified when I least expected it.


Because I hadn’t anticipated a nonstop stream of air. While I tried to breathe slowly, my regulator was emitting a constant stream of disorienting bubbles. I couldn’t seem to slow them down.

I could try to endure it; say nothing and power through the reef tour we were about to take.

Or I could stand up.

I stood up. Above water my husband asked what was wrong.

“I didn’t expect so many bub—”

He grabbed my regulator and fiddled with it. The valve was stuck open, sending air I couldn’t continuously inhale. He fixed it on the spot.

I tried again and, bam, I was scuba diving—no excess airstream flooding my lungs. It was amazing.

So, what? Where am I going with this?

I have a question for you.

Who are you writing your newsletter to?

When those words flow out of your fingers, imagine an individual—someone you want to really connect with, not overwhelm.

You’re sending that person an email.

Even if it’s coming from a company and not an individual, it’s still being opened by a single person. The more you treat that person like a friend or coworker you want to send a good idea to—and the less you treat them like me on the other end of that faulty regulator (think, nonstop transactional content)—the better the relationship will be.

Stop with the unnecessary air supply.

Edit and curate down to just the best stuff.

Then just let them breathe you in.

Ashley Guttuso  

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