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Ummm... Hello...

Testing. Mic 1,2...

I know, it's a new voice. How weird, right?

I'm pretty honored to take over this week's Opt In Weekly newsletter. It's actually my first time working on a newsletter.

Wait, that's a lie. I did create a newsletter for a senior living home while I was still an intern. Several of the residents' family members had mentioned that they felt rather disconnected from the family they'd placed in the home. They couldn't see them often but wondered what they were doing.

I decided that wasn't right. Having taken care of seniors for a couple of years while I was in college, I knew the guilt family often felt placing their loved ones there. So, I created a newsletter.

Every day, the residents had fun activities like Bingo with prizes or even visits from girl scout troops. We'd take pictures, and I'd put them in the newsletter along with a rundown of their week. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

That was nearly 8 years ago.

This, what I'm doing today, is quite different.

Heck, now that I think about those starting days, I can say that my entire life is quite different. I work for myself now. Well, at least I'm my own boss. I set my own hours. I work at home. I take vacations when I want. I choose my clients.

It's by working on things like this newsletter that I get to continue doing the above. I make connections with people that are impacting the marketing world. I talk with fellow freelancers. I chat with CEOs all the time (I never thought I'd be able to say that). I get to make a difference in someone's business, and life.

Just like that newsletter of my formative days of content marketing- and just like my chats with CEOs and other marketers- this newsletter is my way of connecting to you. It's my way of saying "hey, these curated articles will make a difference in your life and in your business." It's our own private chat.

Thanks for sittin' down with me.


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If It Isn't My Old Pal, Marketing

Traffic, traffic, traffic. Everyone wants it. Acquiring it is a challenge. There are a few things that hold back traffic- a misaligned content strategy and dull content that isn't optimized for the audience.

But then again... is traffic really all that important?

Databox and Search Engine Journal touch on these aspects of growth in two compelling articles that deserve some attention:

1) Databox's article on How CoSchedule Increased Trial and Product Sign Ups by altering their content strategy to align better with their audience. It makes a huge difference, ya know.

2) Search Engine Journal's article on the 7 Reasons More Traffic May Not Be Better for Business dives into the reality that more traffic doesn't equal more business and how a misaligned content strategy may mean your large traffic is entirely wasted.





Money Matters

Curated News Curated News

Our Integration With LetsEncrypt Is Now Live!

Hey everyone, Seth from Curated here!

If you don't know me, I'm the head of Customer Success for Curated. You might know my voice if you've watched any of our YouTube tutorial videos, or we've probably talked if you've ever emailed support.

I'm filling in for Ashley this week to bring y'all the latest updates for Curated.

Our integration with LetsEncrypt is now live! This makes setting up a secure custom domain much easier.

Until now, you had to move your website’s DNS records over to Cloudflare in order to make your Curated custom domain secure. But with this new integration, Curated now generates SSL certificates for you automatically using LetsEncrypt.

If you have any questions about this new release, you can email me at


ICYMI: We now have a Curated Public Product Roadmap! Check out our recent releases and what’s up next.


Opt In ChallengeOpt In Challenge

Growth Is The Game

Most of this newsletter was dedicated to growth, and therefore, the challenge for this week is too.

Dakota Shane published a list of essential traits that every newsletter should have to grow exponentially.

Your challenge this week is to evaluate your newsletter (if you've already started one) or begin planning (if you haven't started one), and implement the 6 traits described in this article. Especially the last point they make: "Provide proof that your newsletter doesn't suck." At least get to gathering that social proof.


And That's The End Of The Show!

I know you're sad to see me go, but this isn't my show.

But thanks for sticking around to the end!

If you just didn't get enough of me, I post (sometimes) helpful content every day on LinkedIn and publish deep-dive articles (nearly) every week on my website.

I can't say enough how grateful I am for this newsletter experience. So, thank you Ashley and Seth for giving me this opportunity and for showing me the ropes.

It's been fun! See you guys around.

Sarah Colley