Last Sunday, we awoke to the familiar sound of an early morning pickleball match and a mountain of cases of Girl Scout cookies that had taken up residence in our living room.

This was intentional.

Out of sight would mean out of mind, and this is our family’s 4th year of selling cookies.

We know that it’s about 45% strategy (pick the right places to sell at the right time) and 55% hustle (commit the hours it takes to conquer that mountain).

This year the hustle was a little harder because we decided not to sell at a grocery store booth. The pandemic has impacted everyone, even the volunteer sales force that brings you Girl Scout cookies.

But the day promised opportunity.

The pickleball court is across the street from our house and the sun was out, which meant people would also be using the nearby pool.

So we set up shop in the driveway. One daughter managed to hoverboard with a large sign like a really coordinated panhandler and the other ran in and out the house to restock cookies as they sold.

It was a slow start, but as the game released and a large group of neighbors came out, they all smiled with delight at our efforts.

Most of them bought cookies. AND ALL OF THEM MESSAGED THEIR NEIGHBORS.

A steady stream of people began to stop by.

We had cars stopping in the middle of the street and reversing to buy cookies.

A good many of those people showed up because their neighbors called and texted them.

It was high-visibility meets word of mouth at its finest.

The girls managed to do something they’d only done at grocery stores before: they sold a total of $422 worth of cookies in roughly 5 hours.

Why? Because they targeted an audience that WANTED to help them.

The pickleball players were huge amplifiers.

We all need amplifiers.

People trust other people more than they trust companies.

If you’re trying to grow your newsletter subscription list, it helps immensely if someone with a larger reach than your own is so impressed by your work that they share it with their audience.

Sometimes that means strategically targeting those people. Find ways to get their attention and earn their amplification.

Go find your pickleball players and let them know you’ve got cookies.

This week’s issue includes some voices I think are worth amplifying. Read more about targeting people who will share your content in today’s Marketing section.


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