A person’s actions teach you what to expect from them, right?

It’s the same for a company’s content.

Think this through with me.

When we engage with a person over a period of time, we have the chance to determine their credibility and reliability.

Do they follow through, or do they fall short of what they said they’d do?

The moment you realize a person is full of it, or just not getting you and what you care about, you decide not to deepen the relationship.

That takes some time.


A series of evaluations.

Now, imagine that person is a brand’s content.

First, you discover it (word of mouth, SEO, paid media, EMAIL NEWSLETTER).

Then, over a series of interactions, you determine if it’s worth going further with each group of words you consume.

This is why content for the sake of content falls short.

Each and every bit of your messaging should further prove that you actually do what you say you do.

Consider each piece a potential step forward in the relationship with your reader.

When someone consumes it, does it make them want more?

Ask yourself, with every issue you send, “If I read this, would I want more?”

Ashley Guttuso  

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