Hello, Newsletter People.

I’ve missed you.

So much has happened since my last send 2 weeks ago.

Namely, Apple’s announcement of new privacy features that will mean open rates won’t mean what they used to. I’ve included plenty of content about that in the Newsletter Tips section of this issue, so go ahead and scroll if it’s what you’re most interested in today.

You won’t hurt my feelings. Promise.

But I do have a little story… because I’m me.

You may remember my family moved states from Florida to Mississippi last week.

Everything is going well.

We’ll be unpacking boxes for a while.

In addition to having a dedicated office from which I can draft you this epistolary thing we call Opt In Weekly, we’re now in a neighborhood with children.

This is huge for our daughters.

Our Florida neighborhood was lovely, but it was mostly retirees. There was a brief time period when a girl near their ages lived next door and it was really nice to let them play together. But that was a 6-month rental situation. It ended and things got boring again.

So as we chose this house, knowing there would be other children in the neighborhood was really important.

The result?

They can look out windows, see other children playing, go outside to introduce themselves, and experience the joy of not having to go somewhere to engage with friends. It’s a pretty amazing transition for them.

And here’s how you can apply this little joy we’re experiencing to your newsletter:

You need to (intentionally) be where the audience you want to attract hangs out. If you don’t know where that is, find out.

Don’t go there to sell them something or to try to bring them to your newsletter.

Go there to become one of them. To understand them. To learn to write in their language.

This week’s issue is a little on the light side (let’s get real: you care about Apple’s changes right now and I get that, so I prioritized that news). But let’s not forget that open rates are just one of the ways we know we’re reaching people with our content. The relationship you use your newsletter to build transcends quantitative data.

We’re cooking up some ideas at Curated to help you through this challenge, so stay tuned for that.

Reply to let me know your thoughts and concerns, if you even have any.

Ashley Guttuso  

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Newsletter Tips

More Responses To Apple’s Announcement

I’ve seen varying degrees of frustration and “don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world” about this issue in my social scrolling and email reading this week. The following is a round up of those thoughts in one list.

“Apple: You can't track email open rates anymore.

Marketers: OH NO! The world is ending. Email marketing is dead.

NEWS FLASH: Email open rates have NEVER been accurate.

Liz Willits, LinkedIn

“If you send good email that your readers love, you’re going to be fine.

The metrics you use to measure success may change, but you’re still going to be able to measure plenty of things when it comes to email.”

Dan Oshinsky, LinkedIn

“There’s a middle ground position that could be had here that protects users’ privacy and offers just enough data for email senders to work with, but Apple has chosen to paint people who simply want to run a small business over email in the worst possible light instead.”

Ernie Smith, MidRange

Creators often debate if they should clean subscribers off their email lists who are no longer engaged. We know from running an email provider that sends over 1 billion emails per month, the data is very clear: to maintain great inbox placement you must clean inactive subscribers...

...Inbox providers like Apple ask that senders keep their list clean and engaged, but then take away the metrics senders need to actually do that.

If creators rely on click tracking—the only remaining method of determining engagement—to clean their lists they’ll remove a lot of engaged subscribers who simply consume the emails without clicking through to the web.”

Nathan Barry, Convert Kit




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