There’s a difference between I don’t have time for something and I won’t make time for something.

For instance, I like to imagine myself as being able to add a new habit to my life, like working out every morning. I know it’s good for me. But… lately I just haven’t made the time for it. At least not like I once did.

And it’s all on me. I could prioritize it (and I know I should), but it’s going to take some effort and motivation.

Let’s apply that to your newsletter open rate. It’s the percentage of people who actually make the time to do a thing they thought they wanted to do (unless you’re not letting people opt in and then we’ve got other things to discuss).

If it was easy to work out and I didn’t have a million things going on, I’d do it, right? Imagine you’re competing in the inbox with thousands of emails. What can you send that’s not “if I have time” and is more “oh, I make time for this” because it’s worth prioritizing?

Your challenge from the moment someone discovers your newsletter (word of mouth, advertisement, SEO, etc.) and subscribes is to become a part of their routine.

Ways to do that:

  1. A welcome email (or sequence, if you prefer) that points them to the very best of what you’ve produced, delivering an instant reward for subscribing.
  2. Offering something unique that they really want and can’t get anywhere else. If you haven’t figured out your unfair competitive advantage yet, now’s the time.
  3. Understanding who you write for so well that they simply can’t resist. Ask your readers and talk directly with people you wish were readers about what they would find most valuable.
  4. Take time to analyze the newsletters that are part of your routine. Can you figure out why? Recreate that for yours.

This week’s issue (hopefully a welcome part of your routine) rounds up some great advice and inspirational newsletters, including a list of really great Chrome extensions (several of which are free and brilliant brand relationship builders because they become part of their customers’ lives before they’re actually paying customers).

There’s also a very doable Opt In Challenge at the bottom (if you’re new to Opt In Weekly, I close the newsletter with a challenge). Be sure to check it out.

Let’s dive in.

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Looking for a little inspiration from fellow Curated newsletter creators? Here are two that I’m loving:

Mississippi River Delta News from Restore the Mississippi River Delta.

This one hits close to home (I grew up in Mississippi). This coalition includes Environmental Defense Fund, National Audubon Society, the National Wildlife Federation, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, and the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation. Their newsletter rounds up Delta related news and headlines.

Big Podcast Insider from David Hooper of Big Podcast.

If you run a podcast or are considering one, his digest of tools, news, and courses might inform some production decisions.

Thanks for using Curated to do great work, y’all.


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