“It’s not annoying if they’re the market.”

Margo Aaron said this during her Newsletter Fest session a few weeks ago when we talked email cadence and frequency.

She’s right, y’all.

Think about it.

When you start worrying your messaging might be pestering people who’ve opted in to receive email from you, maybe what you’re really concerned about is...

1) That they didn’t truly opt in and don’t really want what you’re sending (how did they end up on your list?)

2) That you aren’t actually sending what they hoped to get (is there a disconnect between what you promised and what you send?)

3) That they’ll unsubscribe because you overwhelm them (but they subscribed, right? And the people who unsubscribe when you send quality content were probably not worth your time anyway.)

Let’s get over the teenage anxiety of trying to be who we think our subscribers want us to be and just be the people/brands we are.

If they’re the market, they’ll eat it up. Those are the people you want to connect with and support anyway.

Margo explained it like this:

To someone who IS NOT THE MARKET, a room full of boy band posters all look the same.

To someone who IS THE MARKET, each is unique and important.

Write your email newsletters for your market and send as often as they’ll open and read them.

You might have noticed I held this newsletter until Friday this week. It was unintentional, but I’ll use it to experiment with this time going forward. I did use the extra time to add a few extra bits of newsletter advice and inspiration that would have been bumped until next week. Enjoy the bonus content and let me know what you think.

Ashley Guttuso  

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Newsletter Tips

Newsletter Readers: Fad Or Smart Solution?

Looks like some more newsletter readers have launched to help us free up our inboxes. How do you feel about these?

I’m torn. On one hand I like that my newsletter subscriptions are mixed in with my emails. On the other, I spent a full hour recently unsubscribing and resubscribing with a different address so I could make them part of a team workflow.

Check these out and let me know what you think:

Slick Inbox

Meco App




Money Matters

Curated News Curated News

Did You Know You Can Expand Text Boxes in Curated?

This week’s “Curated News” feature is a hidden feature to some and a “duh” to others.

Have you ever been filling in the body paragraph of an item in Curated and wished the text box was a bit bigger? You can make it bigger using a small feature that’s been there all along. All you have to do is click and drag the bottom right corner of the box to expand it, as the GIF above shows.

We found out recently that not as many users understood this is an option as we’d like. So... now you know.


ICYMI: We now have a Curated Public Product Roadmap! Check out our recent releases and what’s up next.

Ashley @ Opt In Weekly  

Opt In ChallengeOpt In Challenge

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