I am bursting with exciting news, y’all.

I usually open this newsletter with a how-this-thing-in-my-life-teaches-us-a-lesson-about-newsletters narrative.

And you read with skepticism, wondering how I’m going to manage to teach you anything of substance.

Then suddenly, you are surprised by just how brilliant my point is (a girl can hope, right?).


I have news that is too good to bury more than six paragraphs in:

Curated is launching the first ever Newsletter Fest this April… and it’s FREE.

What’s Newsletter Fest?

What began as a Slack chat about what we could do to celebrate Curated founder Dave Verwer’s 500th issue of iOS Dev Weekly morphed into a plan to spread our passion for what he began to the rest of the world with a digital celebration and some newsletter workshops.

After receiving enthusiastic responses from some potential speakers I approached, it feels like one day will not be enough.

So, we’re planning a week-long online conference for newsletter creators.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to commit an entire week on your end. You’ll get to pick and choose which sessions will be most helpful to you.

Mark your calendar for the week of April 12 and subscribe to our Newsletter Fest Newsletter (yes, it’s a newsletter about a newsletter festival being announced in a newsletter about newsletters).

We’ll use subscriptions to gauge interest and send updates to bring you along for the journey as we add speakers and workshops for publishers, independent creators, and marketers.

And we’ll also be taking nominations for a newsletter awards ceremony (you’ll get to vote for your favorites in different categories) and a chance for some of y’all to enter to win free Curated accounts for a year (if you like that sort of thing).

Our goal is to build the BEST newsletter conference out there and we’re eager to hear your thoughts on topics and speakers you’d like us to try and line up.

We’ve also got an event landing page in the works that should be live next week and will serve as a registration page and resource hub.

So… I hope you like this exciting news and I’d appreciate your feedback. Just hit reply and let me know.

And read on for your weekly dose of newsletter advice and insights.


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Money Matters

Looking For Sponsors? 3 Resources To Help

Newsletters are hot right now. So is advertising in them. But finding the next good-fit sponsor isn’t always easy. I’ve heard from three sponsor matching programs that could be worth checking out.

Note, at Curated we have always promoted building an engaged audience before you begin selling so that you can attract sponsors who align well with your editorial content but do not heavily influence it.

If you use one of these successfully, please let me know:

Psst! It looks like Ryan Sager of Who Sponsors Stuff will be joining us as a speaker for Newsletter Fest.


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