You can’t be everyone’s favorite crayon color.

I found something along these lines online a few years back and adapted it to a conversation I had with my oldest daughter when she was in 2nd grade.

She was, at age 8, a bright, kind, child struggling to make friends and had, for the first time, used some self-deprecating statements that punctured my heart.

“I’m not pretty. No one wants to play with me. I’m not popular.”

It stings, right?

To see a child’s confidence crushed by the opinions of others.

So I comforted her and went searching for answers.

I found something close to this expression (which I can’t seem to resurface):

You can’t be everyone’s favorite crayon color.

We had a talk about how she has a favorite color. It’s not that she doesn’t like green. It’s just that she loves yellow.

Then we imagined that she was a crayon herself.

And talked about how there would be some people who saw her for what she is (brilliant, kind, loyal) and would love that.

But there would be others who would not.

And that’s ok, because everyone you meet isn’t your favorite crayon color, either.

And the lesson stuck, because her younger sister (now 8 herself) has recently had her confidence shaken in similar ways. We returned to the crayon analogy, big sister explaining to little sister how she doesn’t need to be everyone’s favorite crayon color.

Here comes the part where I segue to newsletter creation and tell you something important:

Don’t try to be everyone’s favorite crayon color.

The more you understand who really likes the vibrant hue that you are, the more you can write just for that audience.

And, here’s an interesting twist:

You don’t always have to write to please that audience.

Sometimes you want to prompt that audience to THINK.

Sometimes service is in beginning a discussion and continuing to develop your thoughts about that topic in each issue.

I’ve collected some articles in this issue that I hope will serve you in your creation process.

Reply to let me know if you find any particularly helpful or thought-provoking.


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