He crawled in the bed as if maybe he hadn’t woke me using the bathroom and brushing his teeth and said “I’ve got a surprise for you in the morning.”

Could YOU have gotten back to sleep?

I tried.

But the harder I squeezed my eyes shut the more awake I became until 2 (maybe 5 or 10?) minutes later I responded,

“You cannot do that.”

“There’s no way I can sleep now. I have to know.”

I’d been asleep for 2 hours already.

It was 12:30 a.m.

But Sal is a night owl and after I fall asleep he goes to his study and does whatever until late.

Sometimes I wake up when he returns.

Sometimes I don’t.

But I definitely do if he says “I’ve got a surprise for you in the morning.”


Either tell me or don’t hint.

Between REM cycles is a fragile time. You can’t dangle surprises there.

You either have sleep-disrupting-worthy news or you stay as quiet as possible and respect the beautiful thing that is a full night’s rest in progress.

He knew what he was doing, too.

And when he told me the surprise (after months of looking he’d found the exact used SUV I wanted in the ONLY GOOD COLOR with low mileage in San Antonio at a CarMax, immediately reserved it, and it would be hauled to our local dealership), I could feel the potential energy turn kinetic.

Of course he had tested to see if he could wake me up to tell me.

He’d just pounced on an opportunity.

You know how that feels.

You’d risk a grumpy wife’s night’s sleep to celebrate the win.

Newsletter lesson here:

Make each issue worth disrupting someone’s day.

Be the surprise deliverer.

Imagine the subject line jetting across their phone: “Psst! I’ve got a surprise for you when you read this.”

Then deliver. Make them feel as special as me having a husband who spends his late nights trying to find me the exact SUV I want.

This week’s issue has some newsletter advice worth clicking through to read. I hope you like it.

P.S. Lunar Rock is the only good color.

P.P.S. I got back to sleep around 4.

Ashley Guttuso  

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Hey, everyone. Seth with Curated Success here.

You can now use some new customization options for your publication’s embeddable subscription form (aka the one you put on webpages to get newsletter signups).

Access and customize your embeddable subscription form by going to your publication’s settings, scrolling down to the Integrations section and clicking Subscription Form.

On this page, you’ll notice new customization options, like

  • Customizable colors for the subscribe button’s text and background
  • Customizable colors for the support text and its links
  • Customizable color for the form’s border
  • The ability to customize the form’s header text

You can customize your form’s header text by editing the text after “title=” in the embed code. If you edit this text, be sure to keep the “+” between each word to keep the formatting intact.

With these new customization options, you can more accurately blend the subscription form into your website and edit the text to better match your voice.

If you have any questions about this, let me know!


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