She wanted me to read it, so I did.

All 375 pages.

It was a page-turner, so it’s not like it was a burden.

And I really liked the story.

Amari and the Night Brothers was a hit with our 9-year-old.

A female main character and more than a bit of magic.

She can’t wait for the second book in the series to come out.

But asking me to read it was about something different.

As the little sister of an older sister who has taken more to reading, she’s determined to forge her own way, sometimes rejecting titles big sister and I recommend simply because we’ve read them.

And while she wants to be different and have her own books she loves, she does want to share the bond of having read them with her mama.

So while I lean on my memories of the Roald Dahl and the Harry Potter series with the eldest, it appears I will occasionally be asked to read something brand new by the baby.

And that’s ok by me.

All readers aren’t the same.

Especially sisters, it seems.

But the unfolding of this family narrative, straightforward as it is, has me thinking about how very nice it is to share a love for a creator with someone in your life.

It makes for a very intimate community.

And I think we can apply this to our newsletters.

One goal should be that when the email you’ve sent is read by a subscriber, it makes them think of someone they’d like to share it with.

“So-and-so would appreciate this story.”

“So-and-so would love the way this writer weaves different ideas together.”

“So-and-so would like the content this company curates.”

“So-and-so would like the way this creator thinks about this topic.”

Think of one subscriber you know enjoys your newsletter.

Are you giving them reasons to invite someone to bond by reading and discussing what you’ve sent?

What are you including worth sharing with their so-and-sos?

Ashley Guttuso  

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How To See Your Most Engaged Subscribers For Each Issue

Hey, everyone. Seth with Curated Success here.

New feature alert: you can now see your most engaged subscribers on a per-issue basis.

You can view your most engaged subscribers on each issue by following these steps:

  • In Curated, click the Statistics button to open the drop-down
  • Select Click Statistics
  • Scroll down and select an issue by clicking its number
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a section titled Most Engaged Email Subscribers

Seeing who your most engaged subscribers are can help you better understand your audience. Are they the types of readers you were hoping to target? What are they clicking / not clicking? Are they the ones you should interview to find out why they open and click?

Learn what you can about them and keep them in mind as you write each issue.

You can also download this information in a CSV by clicking the CSV Export button at the top right of the page. If you’re talking with your audience across multiple channels, you can use this info in tandem with other channel analytics to get a better picture of your audience across channels.

Let me know what you think about this new report by sending me an email here!


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