What can I send you today that even makes sense in the wake of tragedy?

A hug, I suppose.

In the form of a newsletter.

I have a tradition with my 4th grader.

I ask her what God gave her, to which she responds “A beautiful heart.”

Then I ask what she should do with that beautiful heart.


This week’s curated content was in revisions by Tuesday afternoon when the news of Uvalde spread to our hearts.

I tweaked a bit here and there yesterday, perhaps comforted by the distraction.

There’s some good content you can use to improve your newsletter.

But I’m unable to bring my usual energy to this introduction.

My storytelling steam is low.

Their stories deserve the focus right now anyway.


Ashley Guttuso  

Newsletter Tips


John Bonini’s Content Marketing Advice Is 🔥🔥🔥 This Week

If you don’t already follow John Bonini on LinkedIn, now’s the time. The Director of Marketing at Databox and Founder of Some Good Content had 2 posts that made me like / comment / share / collect (gee, that Curated Chrome extension sure is handy) this week.

First, check out this one about getting out of the content-creation-for-the-sake-of-ranking mill and actually creating something meaningful for your target audience.

Then, chase it with this one about how content isn’t some overnight growth hack but, instead, a long game that takes commitment to continue publishing, even when it feels like no one’s reading / watching / listening.




The Balancing Act: Audience Engagement And Subscription Success


Money Matters

Curated News Curated News

From Mobile Scroll To Collected Link

Seth’s enjoying some vacay time this week so I (Ashley) get to take over this section.

I thought I’d share one of my favorite ways to collect links to my Curated newsletters when I’m on my phone scrolling social sites, especially now that people post more content right in social feeds and they function as micro blogs.

A few minutes of setup will let you to use a secret email address to capture links directly to your Curated account.

Using your secret email address:

Every user of every Curated publication (aka each newsletter) has a unique email address for that specific newsletter.

Go to Collected Links > Click the blue Learn How link in the top center of this page > Scroll to Collecting Links via Email > Copy the address > Save it as a contact in your preferred email client.

Now, when you see a post you want to collect, look for a share via email option (this varies per platform; in LinkedIn you have to click the 3 dots at the top right of a post—not the Share option below the post—then pick the app you want to use to share). Choose your email client and send it to your secret email address. The link to the post will be waiting for you in your Collected Items when you go to draft your next issue.

Bonus: You can automatically assign links to a category when collecting them via email by inserting the word you chose for the “Tag for Email Submissions” (e.g. “news”) when you configured your categories.

So, when I see a LinkedIn post that would be a great newsletter tip, I quickly share via Gmail to a contact named Opt In Weekly with newslettertips in email body.


New to Curated? Make a copy of this Getting Started with Curated Checklist to help launch your newsletter (public, private, or paid).


Opt In ChallengeOpt In Challenge

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Ashley Guttuso