My oldest daughter (11) is going to be one of those wacky inflatables with waving arms businesses use to get attention from passing traffic for Halloween.

The costume arrived last night and we tested it.

She’s thrilled, albeit not sure she’ll be able to walk very well.

And I’m even more thrilled than she is.


Because she had a firm idea of what she wanted, we found one, ordered it, and now there’s no looming anxiety of figuring out what she will be.

Decision made.

Purchase complete.

Tiny screwdriver found to add the 4 AA batteries and we’re pretty much set for Halloween in the new neighborhood.

If you’re thinking, “So what?” I can explain.

This child is notorious for making decisions about clothes and costumes almost unbearable.

I wince at the thought of taking her shopping.

She’s slow.

She’s picky.

She’s too… emotional about her decisions.

And I get it.

Try to be patient.

Bring something to read while she tortures herself trying on and price comparing.

So her Halloween costume confidence this year almost rattled me.

It’s a full week and a half until we trick or treat and she’s past decision mode.

The mental weight of not being ready—which we felt very strongly last year when she decided at the last minute to be Luna Lovegood, but no costumes were left that would arrive in time so we had to make our own by buying separate, similar items, including DIYing the glasses as a craft project—isn’t there this year.

Will it be her favorite costume ever?

Maybe not.

Will it last the night without ripping?


Will she bring home a substantial candy loot?

Highly likely.

But why should a newsletter creator care about this story?

The lesson, as I see it, is that sometimes you have an idea and you just need to launch.

Maybe that’s the newsletter you’ve been mulling over.

Maybe that’s a new section of your newsletter.

Maybe that’s a brand new revenue stream you want to go after.

I’ve worked with several people in pre-launch mode recently whose ideas for what they want their newsletter to be change daily.

My advice: pick an idea and soft launch it to your existing audience.

If you don’t try something, you’re not really going to know what you’d change or do differently.

Your audience will tell you what they think in responses, clicks, and staying subscribed.

So go order a silly inflatable costume and try walking around in it, metaphorically—or literally, if you’d like. Wave your arms around and see what kind of attention you get.

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