It’s another Friday delivery of your (favorite?) newsletter about newsletters.

Savor it. There will be no issue next week because I’m taking the week off and moving back to my home state of Mississippi.

I’ll spare you the surge of emotions I’m feeling about leaving Florida, and focus instead on the most exciting feature in our new house (and I’ll attempt to metaphorically tie it into the act of newslettering).

It’s this thing I’ve been wishing for since I began working from home in June 2019. So, you know, two years in the making. It’s an office with… a door!

I feel like a child who is getting her own room for the first time: stinking ecstatic.

You see, I’ve been working in an open concept living room for the past two years and it hasn’t been pretty.

I love my family.


I do.

But achieving deep focus while their lives take place around me has been challenging.

Add to that a pandemic and the longest spring break ever (March - September 2020), and you might be able to understand why I’m an adult woman who fantasizes about closing a door. I seriously have daydreams about not getting interrupted in the middle of typing a sentence.

So I’m really concentrating on that door as I box up belongings and say goodbye to the coastal life I love.

Now, how can my closed door fantasy support your newsletter ambitions?

I think I’ve teed up a lesson about distractions—recognizing them and figuring out how to limit them.

And this isn’t just about not having an 8-year-old practicing piano five feet away.

It’s about understanding how you work best and creating that scenario for yourself.

It’s about evaluating opportunities that present themselves and not overcommitting.

It’s about identifying the digital doors you need to close (cough, cough—Slack) and concentrating.

As a subscriber of many newsletters, I can tell you this: the very best ones come from people and teams who prioritize the deep focus it requires to win inbox attention.

Figure out which doors you need to close to keep your subscribers opening.

Today’s issue has a few real downer stories mixed in with some very solid tips and advice.

Maybe I’m a little melancholy about the move or maybe the reports about the state of writing and trust in journalism are suffering from a shadow cast by the pandemic?

As always, let me know what you like or dislike. I look forward to your responses almost as much as I’m looking forward to my new door.

Ashley Guttuso  

Newsletter Tips




Not Really News: People Don’t Trust Media These Days

Speaking of meta, here’s a round up of stories from fairly trustworthy news sources about how untrustworthy people think the industry has become:

Gallup reports that the “percentage with no trust at all is a record high, up five points since 2019.”

What’s New in Publishing unpacks a recent Reuters Institute report “based on open-ended conversations with cross-sections of people in Brazil, India, UK, and the US.”

NiemanLab encourages adding overlays to images that convey misinformation to point out their inaccuracies instead of amplifying their messages.


Money Matters

Curated News Curated News

Adjust Your Footer Subscribe Method Text

Cool news, Curated users: we’re chasing last week’s release of settings that support private newsletters with an email footer customization option you might find helpful.

By default, the email footer says “You received this email because you subscribed via the Opt In Weekly site.”

But because you can turn that site off now (and because you’ve been able to embed subscription forms wherever you want, use the API, and import subscribers), it makes sense that you might want to customize this language to be less about publication site sign ups.

For instance, I have one that says, ”because you are a [BRAND] customer.”

To adjust this, go to Settings > Header and Footer > Footer > Subscribe Method Text.

You’ll be able to replace the default with a phrase that makes sense for each publication you send through Curated.


ICYMI: We now have a Curated Public Product Roadmap! Check out our recent releases and what’s up next.


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