This past weekend, we were visited by two critters:

The Easter Bunny: A loving and kind animal that leaves plastic eggs stuffed with candy in your yard


The Easter Raccoon (or Opossum?): An animal that pries open those candy-stuffed eggs and indulges on sweets until he gives up, goes home, and (we assume) suffers through the ensuing tummy ache

Don’t panic.

We’re fine.

The girls are ok.

There was a five-minute window of “This is the worst Easter ever,” then the realization that the 10-15 eggs our Easter Raccoon ravaged (leaving a candy wrapper mess in the backyard) was a small percentage of the loot they divided in the end.

The newsletter lesson here?

Someone is going to be your Easter Raccoon and make you feel like you’re not going to be successful. They’ll try to defeat you with claws. But they usually don’t have the energy to destroy a good thing.

Don’t let them make you forget about all the goodies waiting for you.

Focus on serving the bunnies who love you (yes, they multiplied… because that’s what rabbits do, right?).

And by this I mean don’t get distracted by failures. Learn from them. Consider them tests that taught you a lesson and move on to the candy part.

Thank you for enduring my Easter tale.

This week’s issue has several treats, including some very wise people who preach persistence and tenacity.


Ashley Guttuso  

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