Let’s think through the concept of the king cake baby.

Not familiar?

It’s a Mardis Gras thing.

Every year, the Feast of Epiphany (King’s Day, as in the 3 Kings of the Christian Christmas story) kicks off Mardis Gras season.

Also known as party hard until you can’t party (Lent).

Fat Tuesday (Mardis Gras) is the last hurrah before Ash Wednesday, when you give up vices until Easter.

And there’s cake.

King cake.

Think cinnamon coffee cake with icing and symbolic sprinkles (need an image?).

And a plastic baby hidden inside.

Which someone will find (hopefully without choking) and announce, “I got the baby!”

They’ll also have to buy the next king cake (and host the next king cake party).

It’s like a relay of passing the buck to the next host for a month or so.

Beyond the Christian undertones of this revealed messiah embedded in deliciousness, there’s the idea that even though it will mean incurring a fee and buying the next cake, you really want that baby.


My husband brought one home from his recent trip to Louisiana and we spent three days slicing a tasty king cake without finding the baby until one last, unclaimed slice remained.

“What are the odds?” we thought.

And we questioned whether the bakery might have forgotten to include it.

Our youngest was determined. She could eat one more slice to put the matter to rest.

And she was rewarded.

“I got the baby!”

Pure joy over discovering a thing she knew should be there.

Over the bakery delivering what it promised.

Icing across her face and a plastic baby in her fingers, she giggled, reassured that the king cake's intended destiny (that baby finding experience) had been fulfilled.

And so, I ask you this:

Is your newsletter based on a promise that you deliver in each issue?

Is the content in it, and its discovery, creating king cake baby moments?

And doing it so well that your reader opens each next issue expecting to be delighted?

Today’s issue has what I hope you consider multiple deliveries.

I’ve rounded up some inspiration I hope you can put to use in your newsletter strategy.

Also, I encourage you to reply and let me know which, if any, hit the mark and inspire your next confection.


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