I’ve been contemplating the voices in my head.

Don’t gawk.

You have them, too.

The ones that can guide you as you write, revise, and publish.

Are they asking the right questions?

Here’s a good test for building a truly recognizable brand identity and voice in your newsletter:

When you draft the content, ask:

“Is this unique to my newsletter?

Could just anyone say it this way?”

If you want to stand out, don’t blend in.

So cliché, I know.

But there’s value in writing something a reader will remember as YOURS.

Think about an artist you’d recognize just by seeing their work.

A musician.

A television producer—for me, this is Amy Sherman-Palladino. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is Gilmore Girls 3.0.

She has a style that is uniquely hers.

Almost impossible to mimic.

Confession: this is hard.

I don’t always listen.

When I do, I tap into telling a story the way only I can.

With vulnerable details.

And pauses that prompt my reader (you) to think.



I bring a lesson into the process.

And save a little surprise for the end.

Like the fact that my grandmother once heard so many voices that she underwent electric shock therapy, which didn’t work.

So her doctor advised she take up smoking.

I don’t smoke.

I try to listen to the voices. 😉

What do yours tell you?

Today’s issue includes some inspirational newsletter industry voices you’ll want to consider.

Ashley Guttuso  

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