Have you ever been to Mississippi? It’s where I grew up. Everyone there has a story collection of stories.

We’re addicted to entertaining you with words. We love that transfixed look on your face when we talk. You’re probably just trying to figure out what we’re saying. It’s just a drawl, y’all.

How you say what you say can deter, bore, or mesmerize. It goes the same with writing. I’ve spent my career as a storyteller, putting words to page as a journalist, copywriter, and marketer.

With this newsletter, my goal is to help you earn and keep your reader’s attention.

Opt In will be a carefully curated collection of ideas, each chosen to inspire and fuel your content ambitions, from writing, to curating, and publishing.

So how can we get people to read our emails?

Dennis Shiao recently pointed out that some of us have forgotten to be relational in our email content. To foster deeper relationships, we have to be willing to be human. To me, that means real, transparent, and sometimes flawed.

I’m pretty practiced at being flawed. But those are stories for future issues…

Let’s dive in.

Ashley Guttuso  

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