My youngest daughter and I shared a silent, I’m-about-to-throw-up mind meld over the dinner table.

Two nights in a row.

We somehow managed to quell our gag reflexes.

Finished each meal without much drama.

But, it’s been… challenging.

Here’s the deal:

My husband is trying to eat mostly vegan these days.

For health reasons.

If you don’t know what vegan is, it’s plant-based only.

No meat (duh), but also no animal products (eggs, butter, etc.).

He’s not trying to force it on us.

But he is our home chef.

And I don’t want him feeling like he’s got to cook two meals every night.

Also, I’m not a huge fan of slopping a pile of lentils on my plate and pretending I’m satisfied.

So I’ve started collecting recipes for variety.

We’re in an experimental phase.

Monday night was salad with seasoned chickpeas.

No complaints.

Tuesday, we had a pureed carrot and red lentil soup.

It was really thick and had a mostly cumin / onion taste.

Pretty gross.

Last night, we tried BBQ jackfruit “pulled pork” sandwiches and beans.

Not as gross.

But, still, very strange.

It’s going to take a while to find recipes we like.

To stop exchanging “are-you-able-to-swallow-this?” looks across the table.

Is there a content lesson here?


You don’t just declare you’re going to do a thing and do it well within the first few tries.

It takes time to experiment.

To find a way to make it work for you.

When you launch new content tactics like organic social, podcasts, newsletters, a live series, or whatever you’re hoping to try in 2023, don’t expect them to take off overnight.

You’ll probably feel a little nauseous several times along the way.

An optimistic attitude and determination can help you push through and endure the phase of being bad at a thing until you’re good at a thing.

This week’s digest of content includes some inspiring pieces that could prompt greatness. Bon appetit!”

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3 Critical Podcast Launch Tasks

Today’s insights are courtesy Sara Robinson, Director of Operations at Audience Ops, whose team has shouldered the overwhelming bits for our podcast clients over the years.

From Sara:

“We’re in the process of handling the heavy lifting for Ashley Amber Sava’s soon-to-launch Unpopular Opinion podcast.

Our job on the production side is to make it as easy as possible for Ashley to do her thing and produce content about something she’s passionate about:

Actual unpopular opinions (not the ones that many people claim are unpopular, but really are as common as peppermint in the winter time).

So what 3 tasks make it run smoothly?!

1️⃣ Get everyone on the same page and get clear on responsibilities.

Having an initial kickoff meeting helped Ashley and I get clear on what she wants to create. We discussed the production help we can give and what she wants to own in the process.

A second kickoff call with the creative team allowed us to be clear on who’s responsible for what, but also let them hear directly from Ashley what she wants to create. This is super helpful for our designer so that we can start developing show artwork.

2️⃣ Create shared documents for the process.

After kickoff call #1, I put together a doc that outlined call #2, what we’d discuss, and what people need to come prepared with.

I also added in a tentative timeline for the kickoff phase so that we know what to expect, but also so that everyone can compare this against their other projects and we can decide if this first phase’s timeline is realistic (good news—it is! Looks like you can expect to hear Unpopular Opinion Podcast in early 2023!)

3️⃣ Use a project management tool.

Docs are great, but when it comes to a project that has multiple people, tasks, and mini-projects, you need to keep it all organized. We’re using ClickUp for this, but I’ve used Trello for kicking off podcasts as well.”

What she’s learned over time

“The early steps of a podcast launch are critical and help create momentum for the show. Getting organized at the start helps you keep track of critical details (like getting your website set up!) which means you’re more likely to hit your ideal launch date.”


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