In the final issue of the 2021, I’ve decided to share a round up of the content Opt In Weekly readers found most engaging (in this case, engaging mostly means click-inspiring) this year.

Below, you’ll find links to the most popular issues (including the one that prompted the most direct replies), the most popular categories, the top 10 links we shared, and the most clicked link in each content category.


Top 5 Issues (Most Clicks)

  1. Issue 43, Aug. 12
  2. Issue 42, Aug. 5
  3. Issue 37, July 1
  4. Issue 40, July 22
  5. Issue 41, July 29

Looks like we experienced some sort of hot streak in July and August?


Top 5 Content Categories (Based On Total Clicks Of Links Per Category)

  1. Newsletter Tips
  2. Marketing
  3. Screen Share
  4. Money Matters
  5. Opt In Challenge

Issue With The Most Direct Responses

For some reason, issue 57 (sent Dec. 2nd) prompted the most replies.

My guess is because I addressed what it feels like to hit send.


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